Creating Queer Community

Using the internet as a platform, young queer artists are redefining and reimagining the way we understand the LGBTQ+ community. The internet enables people to connect to more diverse populations, allows people a forum for self discovery and can provide a safe space for people to be more open about their identity. Creating a Queer Community highlights artists that have thrived in the online era and shares their stories of love and anger, sadness and celebration, and confusion and healing, as told through their work. Divided into three emotion-based categories, this exhibit juxtaposes the positive and negative aspects of being in the LGBTQ+ community, displaying how pain, hurt, sadness, happiness, love and joy are equally important in the process of finding one’s identity. The categories of love and anger, sadness and celebration, and confusion and healing are inspired by Gilbert Baker’s original pride flag design wherein each color was assigned an emotion integral to the experience of an LGBTQ+ member. Featuring a variety of mediums, ranging from video art to audio recordings to traditional painting, this exhibit captures the expansive and diverse nature of queer art, as well as focusing on artists who have typically been excluded from the mainstream art world.


Liv Brown '19, Anya Garipoli '19, Izzy Lederman '20, Olivia Millar '20