Performativity of Identity


Performativity of Identity



Items in the Performativity of Identity Collection

This mask was created by a Wee artist and represents a youthful ideal femininity used in performance. These items were associated with witchcraft and bush spirits.

Standing Female Nude
Wooden sculpture depicting a nude female.

Antea: Portrait of a Young Woman
Executed by artist Parmigianino for one of his patrons.

Hari Nef for Mom FW14
Transgender model Hari Nef photographed by Serena Jara for fashion collection Mom Fall/Winter 2014.

Advertisement for Eastman Kodak Company
In the image a blonde girl sits on the arm of a chair with a brunette girl sitting in the chair. The brunette holds a small stack of photographs. The blonde wraps one of her arms around the brunette's arm and the other arm around the brunette's…

Under Water Nude
In the photograph the subject is naked and under water. Her legs cross leaving one leg in shadow. Her other leg and torso are light by the reflection of the water in a crisscrossing manner. Her arms are lifted out of the frame almost triumphantly.

The Warren Cup
A silver drinking cup in which the outer decorations depict men having sex with men.

 Still from Paris Is Burning
Dorian Corey is pictured putting on makeup backstage.

The Last Lusty Lady Wedding
Image of a newlywed couple posing in front of Seattle's Lusty Lady club. The billboards behind them read "Breast Wishes Anthony & Nicole" and "Newdy Weds Anthony & Nicole."