Aestheticizing Poverty


Aestheticizing Poverty

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Black in white. Taken in 2007. Angelina Jolie - American celebrity. African child, name unknown. Photo taken in Chad, Africa.

Why I'm Done With Dressing Down
A model poses in front of two dumpsters for a fashion blog. They are wearing high-end, expensive clothing. The article talks about the benefits of dressing up all the time.

Sharon Wild

Yeezy x Adidas, look
A runway model wears a large, distressed sweater over "nude" tights and white boots for Kanye West's Yeezy Fall 2015 fashion show in New York Fashion Week, photographed by Alessandro Garofalo.

Can't Stop Wearing Red
A fashion-blogger poses in front of a building that has broken windows.

White woman, middle-aged, homeless with lighter hair holding another homeless women. Blonde women smiles while the other seems discontent. The blonde women is named Margo and is now homeless but used to work in porn and prostitution. Photo is in…