Creating Queer Community


Creating Queer Community


The visual and auditory art of young queer people.

Items in the Creating Queer Community Collection

A short film depicting queer couples with balloons in between their bodies hugging tightly until the balloons pop. This represents the Orlando night club shooting.

Portrait of an LGBT couple.

Photograph of two models in an embrace.

Weekend So Close
Image of a naked person surfing in the waves. The same image is repeated many times within the item.

Ugly Cherries is an album of music by PWR BTTM that deals with queer sexuality and conformity.

Men Are Dogs Pt. 2
A human with shoulder length hair and and a human/dog are connected by a thick red tongue to each of their mouths.

Portrait of a couple kissing.

A person crouches naked, with a long, thick tongue sticking out of their mouth.