Representation or Exploitation?


Representation or Exploitation?

Items in the Representation or Exploitation? Collection

A YouTube music video and song criticizing the harmful nature of gender roles being enforced on young people

Shantavia Beale II
Oil on canvas painting by Kehinde Wiley of a Black woman in the style of "Old Masters" style and traditional European portraiture, as do the sixty other paintings in the New Republic collection by Kehinde Wiley.

Miss D'vine I
Zanele Muholi captures the image of Miss Divine, a south african drag queen, in traditional south african dress reclining in a dusty clearing.

Ota Benga
Ota Benga, a pygmy man from the Congo, was sold into slavery around 1883. He was eventually put on literal display in the Bronx zoo in the early 1900s as a "missing link" between white men and monkeys. He eventually shot himself in the heart. Fred…

MM #17
Montez stands atop a building dressed in a ball gown, golden necklace, feather wig and a long black glove. His eyes are cast toward the viewer.

Dishonest but Appealing (for Parkett no. 93)
Multiple of Book with Safe and Outlined Image on Cover

Jughead Group
19 head shaped jugs with distorted cartoonish faces and one human face with a long curly mustache

Amos Mac Photograph
A photograph of two queer people embracing and focused on one another, rather than the camera photographing them.

Neighbors #11
A person photographed sleeping inside an apartment window, from the outside.

NRA advertisement for women