Visible Tensions at Oberlin College


Visible Tensions at Oberlin College


Visibility and Sexuality at Oberlin.


This exhibit explores power and sexuality on Oberlin campus as defined by dynamics of visibility, appropriation, and use of spaces and subjects therein. It explores subliminal societal messages and how they are sustained by certain sights and patterns in everyday campus life at Oberlin College.


Delaviz Eftekhar '17, Mason Boutis '19, Maria Turner '19, Rowyn Peel '20

Items in the Visible Tensions at Oberlin College Collection

Baldwin Cottage
Photo of a building

Hipsters who Out-Hipstered
A collage of hipsters and representations of hipster culture; juxtaposition of displays of wealth and appropriation of poor aesthetic among hipsters

CO-ED DORMS: An Intimate Revolution on Campus
Two Oberlin students living together in 1970

American Flag in Tappan Square
Photograph of a flag

White Women Voted for Trump
Image of women at the Women's March

Carhartts on Campus
Four Oberlin students wearing a single black Carhartt jacket to depict the appropriation of working class culture on our campus.

This video is a tribute to and account of the many generations of blue collar and other working class families.