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Visible Tensions at Oberlin College

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This exhibit explores power and sexuality on Oberlin campus as defined by dynamics of visibility, appropriation, and use of spaces and subjects…

Contributors: Delaviz Eftekhar
Maria Turner
Rowyn Peel
Mason Boutis

Representation or Exploitation?

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Contributors: Sam Cahill, Sarah Nathanson, Olivia Konuk, Em Marcus

Performativity of Identity

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Contributors: Josie Owens
Nia Burger
Claire Murchison
Linnea Fraser

Fairy Tales


A visual analysis of Fairy Tales role in gender and sexual socialization

Contributors: Maya English
Suzanne Tarkulich
Natalie Rathgeber
Faradilla Fadlia

Creating Queer Community


Contributors: Olivia Millar
, Liv Brown
, Izzy Lederman
, Anya Garipoli

Aestheticizing Poverty

Object Orange

Contributors: Emily Peterson
Emma Williams
Madison Fink
Amanda Medendorp
Shelby Goodman