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This exhibition was curated by the students of “Visible Bodies and the Politics of Sexuality” (CAST 202) taught by Professor Wendy Kozol at Oberlin College. Using analytical concepts from the course, six groups of students selected themes for individual exhibits and then researched and wrote the texts.

Student curators: Liv Brown, Nia Burger, Sam Cahill, Delaviz Eftekhar, Faradilla Fadlia, Madison Fin, Linnea Fraser, Anya Garipoli, Shelby Goodman, Olivia Konuk, Mason Boutis, Izzy Lederman, Em Marcus, Maya Marrero English, Amanda Medendorp, Olivia Millar, Claire Murchison, Sarah Nathanson, Josie Owens, Rowyn Peel, Emily Peterson, Natalie Rathgeber, Suzanne Tarkulich, Maria Turner, and Emma Williams.

We gratefully acknowledge additional assistance from Allen Memorial Art Museum Curator of Academic Programs Liliana Milkova; and Mudd Library Digital Initiatives Coordinator Megan Mitchell.